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I'm an Austin, TX illustrator, graphic designer, and comedian who spent my youth replicating Archie Comics instead of listening to sermons during church. Thus my attraction to all things art and comedy. My real name is Jon Garcia though if I ever make enough money to join a country club or complain about taxes, I may start going by "Jonathan." 

These "About Me" sections always seem so fucking forced and weird. I didn't want to be pompous and put it in the third person or anything like that but it seems like every artist page has one so you gotta do it, I suppose.

My day job is doing graphic design for a kickass taco company. At night I can be found either drawing in a sketchbook or on stage telling jokes around Austin. In between comedy and art, I also do design work for independent films and bands.

My other likes include whiskey, converse sneakers, anime,, R2D2, cats, and cooking food from recipes I’ve binge-watched on YouTube (That Binging with Babish is fierce!).

Dislikes include man buns (I picked the wrong city), winter hats in warm weather (Again, the wrong city), unorganized crowds, men who drink wine exclusively, men who wear sandals in non-beach settings, slow walkers, and the DC Cinematic Universe.

I was once a whore for the advertising industry and NBC but I’m slowly moving away from that. You can check out my video and design work at my other site,  There is way less cursing on that page but the sentiment is there.